Training Plan week of 1/27/2014

Monday – Friday will continue A/B progressions and conditioning will be following:

A. Death by Burpees

B. 1on/1off x 2 of Wall Ball, Bike, Sit ups and Jumping Pull ups

C. 10 minute AMRAP: 5 pushups, 10 situps and 15 air squats

D. 1on/1off x 2 of Rower, Slam Ball, Knees to elbows and Tire Flips.

E. 12 minute AMRAP 400/300 DB Thrusters, 200/150 DB Renegade Rows, 100 Jump rope.

A-E will come up in a random order over Monday through Friday. 

Also, we will take one attempt at month challenge on Monday and Thursday.

Saturday and Sunday will be team workouts.

Have a great week!