Who wants to be more productive and happier?

We all have various roles we must play on a daily basis- spouse, mother/father, employee, ship captain, financial planner, entrepreneur, MOB member, etc.  We all want to perform better in each of these roles each day.  So we are going to offer an accountability group to implement the strategies that Shawn Achor suggests in this TEDtalk…

What is the intended outcome of committing to a few minutes a day of daily behaviour? Well according to Archor here is what the implementation of this program has done for many corporations and organizations he has implemented this with…

  1. Brain becomes 31% more productive.
  2. 37% better at influencing/sales.
  3. Doctors are 19% faster/more accurate at diagnosis.
  4. Superior productivity.
  5. More resilient.

Here are some specifics for this program.

Cost: Free for MOB members, not open to non members.


  1. Daily basis take 1 minute each morning and send a sincere thank you/praise to someone via email, text, phone call, snail mail, etc.
  2. Daily basis take 1 minute each evening and record 1 event that you are thankful for that occurred to you that day.  May record anyway you like…journal, notebook, document on your smartphone/computer.
  3. Weekly basis take 5 minutes and email to tom@mob-fit.com a tracking of your daily behaviours. This will be due each Sunday by 8pm for the previous week.
  4. Weekly basis get on a 15 minute conference call, to share your observations, ideas, etc with the group. This call will be on Monday evening at 8:30 and will absolutely end by 8:45.(nothing worse then con calls that drag on!)
  5. This process will begin on June 10 and run through July 7th, with the final conference call on July 8th.
  6. If you want in, you will have to commit to turning in weekly tracking document via email each week, if you cant make the conference calls, that is ok. Additionally you will have to put some ‘skin in the game’, if you do not follow through on tracking or fall short of doing the daily activity at a minimum of 90% what will you do as a reinforcement to follow through the following week?  I will leave this up to each individual, but I would suggest some burpees!

If you are open to this process and would like to sign up, please find the sign up sheet in the gym and sign up prior to this Friday, June 7.  For those that sign up, I will email conference call details as well as a tracking document.  Thank you and I hope this is a valuable program for those that commit to it.